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Now, he wants to help YOU latch on to personal freedom.

Yes, “Mr. Wonderful” himself, Kevin O’Leary – business tycoon who sold his startup for $3.6 billion, and the toughest “shark” on TV’s hottest reality-business show, “Shark Tank” – is ready to spill the beans. ALL of them.

How did a kid armed only with what he calls a useless college degree rise to the top of the financial heap? It wasn’t by being a wallflower, you can be sure of that.

Kevin’s coming to your area for one reason: to help you succeed. During this educational, entertaining and candid day, you’ll discover secrets of success you can use immediately to move ahead in every area of your life.

Kevin isn’t an ivory-tower academic. His experience comes from being in the trenches, dealing with the ups and downs of business cycles, and, now, hearing hundreds of business proposals from budding entrepreneurs. He knows what works, he’s seen what doesn’t, and he will help you discern between the two.

If you’re making more money than Kevin O’Leary, then it’s possible this event isn’t worth your time. But if you’re seeking the keys to moving ahead, if you want to get an edge on the folks who don’t know these keys, then this special event could be your first step towards gaining the personal freedom so many seek. SIGN UP NOW to ensure your choice of seats and options!

He’s famous for being “the shark with the sharpest teeth.”


Kevin O'Leary | Featured Speaker

After his extraordinary success at the software company he founded—and a difficult period of obstacles—Kevin found himself on television, quickly becoming a sought-after personality on shows including Discovery’s Project Earth, CBC’s Dragons’ Den, and ABC’s Shark Tank.

Drew Levin & Danny Perkins | HGTV Stars

Drew Levin and Danny Perkins are the hosts of the hit show Renovate to Rent, where they show viewers how they manage, renovate, and rent out their many investment properties. Together, Drew and Danny manage several homes, and are continually looking to build their investment portfolios! With their help, you can do the same!

Topic: Find out how to get real estate funding from our network regardless of your credit score.




Topic: Finding the right mentors and support system

Topic: How to make better investment decisions and maximize your efforts.


Topic: How to find, recognize and evaluate local properties

Topic: How to Profit from with Real Estate, regardless of the current economic climate

Topic: Tips for succeeding in business

Topic: Financial tips you wish your 20-year-old self had known

Topic: How curiosity can fuel your financial literacy


Just about everyone dreams about finding personal freedom, but for too many people, it remains just a dream. Kevin O’Leary has unlocked the secrets of achieving – and keeping – the kind of freedom you may long for.

Kevin promises to “tell all” at this White Plains event. His seasoned, personal insights can put YOU on the path to personal freedom, and the life you and your loved ones deserve.

Find Hidden Opportunities

Critical Tools

Discover the tools that can give you an edge in finding Great Deals as well how to best analyze those opportunities!

We'll show you how to find Properties before they hit the general public giving you an unfair advantage!

Learn from "Mr. Wonderful",

Kevin will explain why he's so tough on the entrepreneurs who want his investment. And why it pays off for them – and for him.

Money to do Deals

Is there money to do deals? Find out how to get real estate funding from our network regardless of your credit score.

Find Out Why 197,796 People Have Requested Seats For This LIVE Event!

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